Call the Local, Licensed and Insured Plumber!

Need to find out where that leak is coming from? Do you have a toilet that runs? Is there dripping from a tap that keeps you up all night? I am a LOCAL, LICENSED and INSURED plumber with the EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS to take care of your plumbing needs.     Repair and Replace Fixtures (faucets,sinks,Continue reading “Call the Local, Licensed and Insured Plumber!”

Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#3)

Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#3) Know where all your shut offs are in case of an emergency.  The location of the main shut off is very important to know.  It is usually located near / above or below the water meter in your home.  By turning off the water you canContinue reading “Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#3)”