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TRAPS AND TAPS Tuesday Tip of the Week

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TRAPS AND TAPS Tuesday Tip of the Week (#10)

Time for another Tuesday Tip of the Week! With the nicer weather (finally) here and the snow that has melted away, it’s time to think about sump pump maintenance and be prepared for the rainy Spring season.

It’s very important to make sure that if you have a sump pump that it is in good working order. Take a few minutes to inspect it. Test the pump by pouring some water into the pit until it triggers the pump. The pump should start up and flush away the water and then shut itself off. If the pump does not turn itself off  your pump might burn out and you should call to have it taken care of right away.  Taking a few moments to test this can help avoid a very messy and costly flooding situation.

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Sump Pump- with a primary and back up pump.
Sump Pump- with a primary and back up pump.

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