Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#02)

Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#2)   Think before you flush! Most things that cause blocked toilets are from un-flushable items.  Dental Floss can be a particularly persistent problem  in toilets.  Most people unknowingly just throw it in the bowl and flush creating a large knotted mass in the pipes. If youContinue reading “Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#02)”

No Job Too Small!

Need to find out where that leak is coming from? Do you have a toilet that runs. Is there dripping from a tap that keeps you up all night? I am an LICENSED and INSURED plumber with the EXPERIENCE to help you take care of your plumbing needs. Available to: **Repair and Replace Fixtures (faucets,sinks,Continue reading “No Job Too Small!”