Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#5)

Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#5)

Using chemicals to unclog drains is not always the best solution.  Not only are they hazardous to your health and to the environment but they can damage pipes and cause leaks if used too often or if too strong of a cleaner is used and not promptly flushed away.  Sometimes they seem to  work by loosening the debris around the blockage but not really solving the problem.  A blockage may be from an item lodged in the pipe or even tree roots that are causing an obstruction.

Clearing the pipes with home made remedies or baking soda and vinegar may work temporarily but is not as effective at unblocking your drain as a professional plumber with the experience and tools to handle the job.

If you have blocked drains please feel free to call and have them taken care of the environmentally friendly way.  Please, also inform the plumber that chemicals may be present in the drain or were used so they can take precautions.

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