Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#5)

Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#5) Using chemicals to unclog drains is not always the best solution.  Not only are they hazardous to your health and to the environment but they can damage pipes and cause leaks if used too often or if too strong of a cleaner is used and notContinue reading “Traps and Taps Tuesday Tip of the Week (#5)”

Call the Local, Licensed, Insured Plumber!

Need to find out where that leak is coming from? Do you have a toilet that runs. Is there dripping from a tap that keeps you up all night? I am a LOCAL, LICENSED and INSURED plumber with the EXPERIENCE to help you take care of your plumbing needs. **Repair and Replace Fixtures (faucets,sinks, toilets,Continue reading “Call the Local, Licensed, Insured Plumber!”